Confidently Buy your First Home

Where do I Start?

Make the right decision about your first home. Here’s how:
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Listen to the podcast and get ready

Gain the inside information you need to confidently buy a home.


Find a unicorn realtor

Our realtors are part of the 25% of experienced realtors in your town that work with first-time homebuyers and actually care about you.

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Buy a home and live happily ever after

Start your path today. Get a clear roadmap. And start taking steps with a guide, instead of by yourself.

Buying a home as a first time shouldn’t feel like a roller coaster. You deserve better.

I know what it feels like to want out of the rent cycle, watching your money get flushed down the drain every month with your rent bill. You are ready to start building some equity in a home you own and even build a family in that home. So you scour the internet, call people and look for the best path forward, along with the right allies to help even identify if buying a home is feasible for you. But instead of allies, you’re met with sharks.

Agents that just want your money or don’t give you the time of day until you’re approved for a budget that fits their commission check standards. So you go it alone only to find a sea of options without the guidance to choose wisely. That’s why I started the How To Buy A Home podcast and this website – to empower you to make the right decision AND connect you with realtors you can trust. Start your journey towards your first home today.

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