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Are you looking into the process of what it takes to buy your first home? Maybe you feel overwhelmed with the idea of qualifying for a loan with no history of owning property. Or maybe your credit history isn’t what you’d like it to be yet. Maybe you’re unsure about the process of going from renting to buying. You might be feeling unsure of who to trust to help guide you through the buying process and represent you well as an agent.

Whatever the case may be, we’re here for you. No selling, no ignoring, just a podcast delivering you with all, yes, all the information you need to buy your first home. Better yet, once you feel ready to make informed decisions about the market and your home, we’ll connect you with a unicorn realtor who not only has the experience you need to land yourself in the right home but cares about you winning your first time around. Start your journey to homeownership today with us.

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Where do I Start?

Confidently make the right decision about your first home. Here’s how:
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Listen to the podcast and get ready

Gain the inside information you need to confidently buy a home.


Find a unicorn realtor

Our realtors are part of the 25% of experienced realtors in your town that work with first-time homebuyers and actually care about you.

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Buy a home and live happily ever after

Start your path today. Get a clear roadmap. And start taking steps with a guide, instead of by yourself.

Clients we’ve helped:

Here are just a few clients who’ve achieved their dream home:


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You can start a plan for a month, a year, or 5 years, by listening to hours of free content on the podcast and exploring the resources.
Start today, with baby steps for beginners or last-minute tips if you’re ready to write offers on homes.

NOT 20%. Recently, the average first-time buyer’s down payment is 7%. First-timers have 5%, 3.5%, and even 0% options for military buyers.

Everyone’s situation is different and timing will vary, but the average homeowner is 45x wealthier than a renter, so anytime can be a good time to begin your road to wealth with the right plan.
Use the free podcast information to help educate and empower yourself to know what to look for, and if you need a local resource, we have our “Unicorn Nation” of professional, experienced Realtors and mortgage pros to give you the high level of service you deserve.

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