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Do you have a not-so-favorable history with your credit? Does it make you feel disqualified from ever being able to buy a home? Have you been turned down before by lending institutions that say you’re too risky? We get it, and we believe that everyone deserves to own a home they can build a life and family in, no matter their credit score. That’s why we take the time to connect you with the right lenders that work with you to give you the best possible chance at repairing your score and getting approved for a loan.

Whatever the case may be, we’re here for you. No selling, no ignoring, just a podcast delivering you with all, yes, all the information you need to buy your first home. Better yet, once you feel ready to make informed decisions about the market and your home, we’ll connect you with a unicorn realtor who not only has the experience you need to land yourself in the right home but cares about you winning your first time around. Start your journey to homeownership today with us.
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Where do I Start?

Confidently make the right decision about your first home. Here’s how:
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Listen to the podcast and get ready

Gain the inside information you need to confidently buy a home.


Connect with one of our loan officers

We’ll listen to your story and work with you to help you build your cred so you can get the financing you need to buy your first home. .

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Buy a home and live happily ever after

Start your path today. Get a clear roadmap. And start taking steps with a guide, instead of by yourself.

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There are loan programs for scores beginning at 580. Terms and rates will get better the higher score you have.
Not 800. Most rates and programs top out at 760 or higher. Anything higher than that, and it’s all good. You’re at the top.
There are several podcast episodes on credit, resourcing some of the top credit pros in the country. Lots of great tips. Once you start your plan, your mortgage pro can also help with several hacks to help you with debt reduction that will boost your score. The number one thing you need to fix your credit is TIME, so the sooner you start, the better off you will be.
It is NOT an average. The low score is the score that determines the loan rate and terms. So start working together today on the lower person’s score.
Use the free podcast information to help educate and empower yourself to know what to look for, and if you need a local resource, we have our “Unicorn Nation” of professional, experienced Realtors and mortgage pros to give you the high level of service you deserve.

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