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Buying your first home. Location, location, location – or timing?

The cardinal rule in buying your first home is location, location, location; but how important is the timing of your purchase? A lot more than most people think. #howtobuyahomeguy #firsttimehomebuer #howtobuyahouse

Zillow Zucks at estimating values

Zillow is a great resource for first time home buyers…except for the whole figuring the actual value of the most expensive financial decision of their lives. Seriously, Zillow is great for researching area information and even helps with details on the house; however, when it comes to actual pricing, always rely on much more detailed …

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Real Estate Tip – Location, Location, Location + TIMING

For home buyers and sellers, and especially first time home buyers and investors, location times 3 is important – but TIMING can be just as critical for you financial well being. This is an update from 2017, but the principals are applicable for anytime. Know your statistics, learn the trends, and be aware that real …

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Rent vs. own – Landlords are ripping you off! Rent is too high? You can buy!

Think you can’t buy? You may be surprised. David Sidoni, the How to Buy a Home Guy, breaks down the age old issue – rent vs. buy? Landlord or be a landowner. The numbers are in your favor. Time to get a simple breakdown on what for most is the biggest financial decision of their …

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Why buying your first home can be frustrating, and how to fix it

#howtobuyahomeguy #firsttimehomebuyer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahouse #howtosaveforahouse #howtostoprenting

First time home buyers – Realtors think you suck

Find out why you are getting lousy service when you try and figure out how to buy your first home. #howtobuyahomeguy #firsttimehomebuyer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahome #howtobuyyourfirsthouse #howtobuyyourfirsthome

Top 3 myths about buying your first home

DON’T BELIEVE THE HYPE! Find out the truth about buying your first home. #howtobuyahome #homebuyingtips #firsttimehomebuer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahomepodcast #howtobuyahomeguy

What’s the secret hack to buying your first home?

Find out all the tricks and hacks to becoming an home owner instead of a renter. #howtobuyahome #homebuyingtips #firsttimehomebuer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahomepodcast #howtobuyahomeguy

Real stories from real First Time Home Buyers

Want the real insight on what it’s like to buy your first home in the crazy market? This is a video series that showcase actual real life first time home buyers who beat the bidding wars in the BONKERS summer of 2021. #howtobuyahome #homebuyingtips #firsttimehomebuer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahomepodcast #howtobuyahomeguy #multipleoffers

Real life story #1 – How much over list price does a first time homebuyer have to offer?

The 2021 housing market is BANANAS. So how much over asking price do you offer when you find your dream home and get yourself in a bidding war? Here’s a REAL LIFE story from a real life first time home buyer. #howtobuyahome #homebuyingtips #firsttimehomebuer #howtobuyahouse #howtobuyahomepodcast #howtobuyahomeguy #biddingwar #multipleoffers

How to use the internet to buy and sell a house. Been perfecting it since 2012.

Looking to buy a home, maybe your first home? Make sure your agent know how to harness the power of the internet. This is David Sidoni, helping sellers and buyers understand that real estate had evolved to an online game all the way back in 2012.

Millennial first time home buying tips to get a dope crib…or just make a sound investment

Yo, yo, yo – wanna buy a sweet pad? You can go big, or you can go smart. When you buy your first home, do your homework, learn the numbers, and be ready to be a baller…eventually.